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About The Lateral Line

about_trees.jpg The Lateral Line Gallery and Studio is located in Chimacum, WA. The Lateral Line regularly displays the co-evolving work of Tom Jay and Sara Mall Johani. Featuring folkloric bronze Sculpture and Salmonart, the gallery collection also includes EHE (jewelry), Bronze Bells, Equuleus (equine images) and occasionally, a new run of Sockeye Sofa Salmon.

Our work is about homecoming, coming home. In the contemporary pseudo culture and its insistent values of "transience" and "progress" we seek to connect to the natural fundament of life here; the sea wet temperate forests of the Pacific Northwest with its rain grey skies, holy evergreens and teeming salmon.

Our work tries to embody the meeting of the folkloric to the human imagination and the fateful native ecologies that sustain us.

Salmon and Raven have been here since the last ice; they are our proper tutors.

Sara Mall Johani and Tom Jay

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Contact us

housojay [at] olympus.net

(360) 732-4238

PO Box 295
Chimacum, WA